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JKatz Property Development has access to the vast experiences and resources of Katz Kirkpatrick Properties in California, which have  resulted in the development of nearly 50 neighborhood and community shopping centers that consistently outperform other centers in customer traffic and sales volume.  JKatz Property Development principal's understanding of specific market and tenant needs is complemented by an experienced and knowledgeable staff of top industry professionals. The combined talent, ideals and motivation of these individuals has led to the establishment of a premier development organization.


JKatz Property Development is committed to providing clients and tenants with the finest neighborhood and community shopping centers in the most desirable locations, while supporting the Ugandan economy by sourcing all materials locally, as well as investing in Eco Friendly solutions at every step. In this era of rapidly changing market and tenant needs, the Company has adopted programs to monitor changes throughout the industry. The companies' ability to react to changes in the market will continue to solidify their position at the forefront of the industry. Furthermore, it will insure the continued success of their projects in the decades to follow.


Comprehensive planning precedes all of the Company's development activities. Each facet of the building process is thoroughly reviewed by each principal independently, then collectively, to insure that the completed shopping center meets the high standards established by JKatz Property Development and their tenants and clients. The overall architectural design of the developments, from parking facilities to exterior facades, receives detailed attention in an effort to achieve maximum efficiency, convenience and modern aesthetic appeal adapted to the Ugandan context. Careful focus on budgets and schedules have also helped the Company establish an enviable track record for completion of shopping centers on time and within budget.


In addition to designing and constructing their centers, the principals of JKatz Property Development maintain a strong commitment to the projects in their portfolio through their own property management program. This comprehensive program encompasses a variety of activities associated with day-to-day and long term maintenance requirements, as well as tenant relations.



Established in 2016, the principal of JKatz Property Development has applied his experience and resources to the development of residential and commercial centers that coincide with the needs of both individuals, communities, retailers and the environment. JKatz Property Development aims to raise awareness and stimulate market growth of environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient homes.





New technologies such as interlocking stabilized soil blocks (ISSB) have not been integrated into architectural institutions and thus their adoption has been slow in Kampala. For walls, this could prove to be an important tool for supporting local communities.

While iron sheeting is by far the most commonly used roofing material, largely because of the costs, it is not a preferred material due to its import and inefficiency. Now developers can use other local materials on dwellings that are both efficient and appealing.

Most brick plants are located near the clay source they use to make brick. Brick products come in many forms, including structural uses, face brick, roofing, paving brick, and floors, rather than the generic imported tile.




A variety of timber species are available in Uganda including mahogany, mvule, pine, elgon teak, olive, nkoba, eucalyptus, bamboo and many others. In the construction sector, timber is used for making roof trusses, shuttering, doors, windows and furniture and tools. There is no reason timber should be imported when self-sustaining forests in Uganda provide some of the world's top quality woods.

In many areas, indigenous stone is available from the local region, such as limestone, marble, granite, and sandstone. It may be cut in quarries or removed from the surface of the ground (flag and fieldstone). Ideally, stone from the building site will be utilized. Depending on the stone type, it can be used for structural block, facing block, pavers, and crushed stone.

We offer our clients a full range of landscape and civil construction services, which include Design, Construction and Maintenance. By combining time tested methods and native  materials along with the latest eco friendly choices and proper horticultural practices. That is why whether the client needs maintenance services, or a complete landscape installation, we will transform your vision into reality.




There are few things we take for granted The objective is to make a yard to reflect  environmental consciousness with drought-tolerant landscaping, and second, to make it a happy, useful space for a family. Using sustainable, native landscaping that meets these objectives will not only protect Uganda's natural ecosystem, but it will also cut water requirements and therefore costs.


There are few things we take for granted as much as our ability to turn on the tap and get water in a seemingly endless supply. Even during droughts, and despite warnings about shortages and conservation, most of us treat this precious resource as a given. What many people don’t realize is that it’s fairly easy to implement systems for recycling and reusing water on your own property, through Water Collection and Reuse, Irrigation, and efficient Indoor Water Use, thereby decreasing the demands on shared supplies, and reducing your water bills.


Energy efficient housing often ends up in poorly designed buildings, but that’s not the case for the environmentally sustainable designs available. On a global scale, renewable energy investments are more than double those in fossil fuel power stations, reaching $286 billion at the close of 2015. We are moving away from buildings powered by fossil fuels in favor of clean and cost-effective solar energy. This is not only the smart thing to do, it is also imperative if we are to protect our kids and grandkids from the worst effects of climate change.

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